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couple holding hands
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Carlos AyaFound

7th January 2022 by Andrea Dawson

Carlos Tanner is the Director of the Ayahuasca Foundation, a centre combining ayahuasca retreats, education, and research to form a world-renowned plant medicine organisation. We spoke with him to learn about what inspired the foundation’s creation..... Read More

Eternity ELM

11th November 2021 by Andrea Dawson

We sat down with Eternity Hausen, Founder and CEO of Enlighten Mental Health - Australia’s first online counselling clinic to offer psychedelic integration services - to hear how her practice is changing things up for Australians.... Read More

Sexual trauma

14th October 2021 by Lara Charlotte

When sexual boundaries are crossed in therapeutic spaces or people with a history of trauma are not well supported there is a real risk of lasting psychological, emotional, energetic and physical harm being caused to both participants and facilitators/healers... Read More

How Magic Mushrooms Saved My Marriage

1st Oct 2021 by Megan Poulin

There was no affair, no vicious words. We had sex regularly, we held hands when we walked the dog. We liked being alone in a car together, or sharing a plate of pasta. Despite that, something between us was shrivelling... Read More

Ibogaine addiction

23rd Sept 2021 by Tabby Kibugi

Historically, ibogaine has been used in African spiritual ceremonies and initiation rituals in the Western side of Africa. Today, it may be a solution for modern drug addictions... Read More


17th Sept 2021 by Max Astrophel

Per conventional wisdom, taking psychedelics while on this spectrum is one of the most dangerous things you can do. There’s something to be said about going on a perilous journey and returning, but, says the Narrative, if you take this trip you may not come home... Read More

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Event – Ayahuasca – From the Jungle to the Lab (London) 9 – 11 January 2022, 7:00pm GMT

Dr Simon Ruffell and Wai Fung Tsang present their ayahuasca research of the last 4 years in a rare in-person event at the JZ Young Lecture Theatre in London

Event – Student Psychedelic Conference 2022 by Drug Science UK (Online) 9 – 10 April 2022

The student psychedelic conference returns for a second year, with even more prominent speakers from the cutting edge of psychedelic research.

Past Event – Harm Reduction Webinar – Canadian Psychedelic Association (Online) 1/2 Dec 2021

Join us for an informational webinar focused on understanding harm reduction and how its principles may be directly applied to psychedelic practices and therapy today! Our panel of professional nurses is ready to share their passion for harm reduction, why it is vital moving forward, and the current challenges with implementation.

Past Event – The Renaissance of Psychedelics: Mental Health and Self-Exploration (Online) 28/29 Oct 2021

Our panel of distinguished guests will talk about their mission to make sure that these drugs are available to not only those suffering from mental illness, but for those who want to channel their use for personal growth.

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