8 – 9 November 2021Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Miami

From November 8-9 at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida, we will gather together the top experts, researchers, and industry leaders to discuss the latest developments and innovations in the psychedelics industry.

Conference Tracks

Wonderland: Miami programming will span across a variety of topics surrounding the psychedelics industry and beyond.

Welcome Renaissance

Moving from the fringes of the research world and shaking off years of baggage from illicit recreational circles, scientists are making startling progress in legitimizing the medical potential of psychedelics.

State of the Industry

Where are we now? Where are we heading?

Next-Generation Psychedelics

Let’s talk advancements in R&D, trial designs, new compounds, regulatory affairs, patient engagement and new forms of partnerships.

Microdosing: Fact or Fiction?

Does microdosing improve focus, creativity, and productivity? But are the touted effects fact or fiction?

Patent Wars

Is the corporate domination of the industry a significant threat or an opportunity to decrease the stigma and take psychedelic medicine into mainstream healthcare?

Finance and Psychedelics

Can consciousness and capitalism co-exist?

Psychedelics and Technology

Is there a way to keep the beneficial properties of psychedelics medicine without the hallucinogenic side effects by using technology?

The Spectrum of Psychedelics

Addressing the need for psychedelic equity, access, and affordability.

Psychedelics and New Paradigms

Can psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy create a truly revolutionary paradigm-shift in psychiatry?

The Last Mile

Taking a deeper look at Clinics & Retreats: How does the model work and why is it needed?

2031: What the Future of Psychedelics Looks Like

From treating depression to understanding consciousness, the promise of psychedelic medicine is shifting from fringe to frontier neuroscience.

Investing the Shamanic Way

Shamanic protocol for making investment decisions.

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