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The purpose of this research is to study the medical and safety effects of a single dose of an investigational drug called psilocybin compared to a placebo in participants with depression. Each participant will be randomized to receive either a one-time dose of psilocybin or a placebo.

Phase 2 clinical trials are the second step in a typical four-step drug approval process. During this process, the safety and usefulness of the investigational treatment is tested in larger groups of people as the drug moves through the phases. Phase 2 studies can involve up to several hundred volunteers.

Locations: Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Lauderhill, San Francisco, Madison, New Haven, Santa Monica, Berlin.

Visit Overview

3 Months Long | 12 Appointments | 2-10 Hours Each

Each appointment is a little different and visit lengths vary, but most appointments last about 2 hours. At these visits, the following activities may occur:

  • Physical exams with a medical professional
  • Psychological evaluations and answering questions about your depression
  • Blood draws and urine samples

Content retrieved from usonaclinicaltrials.org

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