A 12-Month Professional Certification Program

The Synthesis approach to understanding psychedelics and relating to the psychedelic journey consists of standing at the intersection of many ways of knowing. As such, training is organized so that each monthly module consists of four tracks that reflect the four lenses or perspectives we are committed to training you within.

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Perspective One: Scientific/Clinical. Through this perspective, you will explore and learn about the most up-to-date scientific research in the field of psychedelics and gain a thorough understanding of what is known about how psychedelics impact neurobiology and catalyze therapeutic outcomes. 

Perspective Two: Wisdom. Through this perspective, you will journey into the lineage of wisdom traditions to honor traditions and the practices, and gain insight into the many ways of knowing regarding psychedelics that are embedded in a more-than-human landscape and learn how to synthesize these time tested traditions into a modern therapeutic context. 

Perspective Three: Personal. Through this perspective you will come to understand that a solid commitment to personal growth and development is a prerequisite to doing this work as a professional. You will establish and/or enhance ongoing practices for self-reflection, examine your ethics, articulate your personal values, and deepen your appreciation for the many ways of learning and knowing.

Perspective Four: Professional. Through this perspective, you will become oriented to the best practices informed by both scientific and sacred approaches to holding space for a client’s journey. Through case study examples and experiential practices, you will shape your own unique professional mission statement synthesized from your exposure to the different frames and learn pragmatic tools and models to launch or grow your own psychedelic practice.  

What You’ll Receive:

During this 12-month inaugural professional training, you’ll receive one content module of each perspective each month consisting of:

Weekly 90-Minute Teaching Sessions, each week corresponding to a fundamental perspective

Weekly 90-Minute Small Group Facilitated Integration Sessions, including small-group reflection, professional supervision, breathwork sessions and other group-facilitated practices to support integration

Monthly 60-Minute Live Interactive guest faculty bonus workshops plus Q&A featuring industry thought leaders and researchers on the leading edge of all aspects of the field

Weekly assignments and reading materials designed to support your active and engaged integration of knowledge and practices

Online small group peer support circles

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