Sun, August 29, 2021

The Intersection of Erotic Energy, Space Holding, & Altered States of Consciousness

Why Sex & Psychedelics:

Sex is a deep and essential part of who we are. As an inherent aspect of our Being, sexual energy naturally and regularly arises in psychedelic states. There is also an inherent boundary-dissolving quality and heightened energetic sensitivity that runs parallel between sexual and psychedelic experiences.

Within the right framework, allowing for sexual energy to arise within a psychedelic space can be a catalyst for releasing shame and trauma from the body, and coming into greater trust and integration with our authentic self.Without the right framework, this energy can be confusing and destabilizing for the individual and even professional space holder.

There is an art to creating safe spaces for psychedelic healing that are also conducive to allowing a person to inhabit their erotic energy. When we embrace sexuality as an integral part of our wholeness, it can give us access to greater confidence, pleasure, connection and healing in every area of our lives.

Join us on August 28th at 12pm Pacific time (recorded) as we explore two of the most interesting and rewarding facets of the human experience—sex and psychedelics—which can both be deeply satisfying, catalyze spiritual growth, and deepen awareness of ourselves and each other. This online event is hosted by the San Francisco Psychedelic Society.

Sex and Psychedelics can both be deeply satisfying, catalyze spiritual growth and deepen awareness of ourselves and each other.

Who This Event is For:

This event is both for the psychedelic explorer and space holder—whether that be a guide, psychotherapist, or sitter—to better understand, work, and relate with sexual energy in psychedelic spaces.

Flow of the Event:

The format for the event will include a combination of interactive presentations, embodiment practices, participatory exercises, group discussions, and live Q&A with the facilitators.

We’ll Explore the Sex & Psychedelics Intersection From 3 Perspectives:

Collective Perspective – how the evolution of society and culture has led us to where we are in the current social and relational climate around sex

Individual Perspective – the role of sexual integration in our personal growth and healing, and how it influences other areas of life outside of sex

Leadership Perspective – education for space holders on how to work with someone or a group when sexual energy arises in a psychedelic session

Other Topics We’ll Cover:

The principles of Masculine & Feminine energy, and how cultivating those energies within the Self can create deeper safety and freedom in our lives and relationships

Recognizing our sexuality as an inherently pure and sacred thing; and as an access point for our connection with the Divine.

The impact of sexual shame and gender conditioning on intimacy and sexual dynamics between men and women.

Desire Alchemy, aka how to transform shame into deep approval for who we are and what we want.

The essential role of pleasure and receptivity in trauma healing.

The paradoxical intersection of community, kinship, and sexuality.

Online Event Information:

This event will be held online on Zoom for individuals around the world to access. If you cannot attend live, all ticket holders will be sent a recording of this event. Tickets are sold on a sliding scale, meaning we invite you to pay the price that is meaningful to you. For questions and scholarship opportunities, please email to inquire. Scholarship tickets available for low income, disabled and veterans.


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