9th – 12th September 2021

INSIGHT is the European education leader in practical and science-based psychedelic therapies and their cultural implementation.

The MIND Foundation and its partners are excited to welcome the general public, psychiatrists and other physicians, psychotherapists, nurse practitioners, psychologists,  and other mental health professionals to Berlin.

The four tracks of INSIGHT cover Treatment, Basic Research, Philosophy/Anthropology, and Implementation – where science meets clinical applications and the emerging psychedelic industry.

Join us and leading experts on September 9-12 – both in Berlin and online – as we explore every step from science to implementation


The conference presentations are organized into four tracks:

  1. 1. Treatment (with the sub–tracks Integration Therapy and Ketamine-assisted therapy) 
  2. 2. Basic Research 
  3. 3. Public Health (with the sub–tracks: Anthropology, History, Non-pharmacological methods, Political Regulation and Self Development) 
  4. 4. Implementation (with the sub-tracks: psychedelic industry, philosophy and ethics of psychedelic states) 


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