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Southern Cross University researchers have commenced Australia’s largest clinical trial investigating the efficacy of an over-the-counter botanical cannabidiol (CBD) product to help with sleep disturbances in a healthy population.

The trial, funded by Australian hemp company Ecofibre, will compare the effects of their Ananda Hemp CBD extract to a placebo on participants’ self-reported changes in sleep disturbances. The trial will take place at sites in Melbourne, Sydney, Lismore, and Brisbane.

Georgie Rist, Ananda Hemp’s Vice President Global Accounts said: “Given many Australians are reporting less quality sleep during current lockdowns across the country, there has never been a more important time to help Australians with such an essential, yet often neglected, aspect of their health.”

Researchers are seeking generally healthy individuals aged 18-65 years old, who have self-reported poor sleep. This may include people who have difficulty initiating sleep, maintaining sleep, or are waking earlier than desired. Participants can partake in the trial in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Lismore. In total, 438 participants will be included in the trial, each participating in the trial for 10 weeks.

This research has been approved by Southern Cross University Human Research Ethics Committee, SCU/HREC no. 2021/031.

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