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Megan Poulin became a writer twenty years ago, composing handwritten letters to a pen-pal, a man she eventually married. She loves intense emotions but hates crying, contemplates God but rejects her religious upbringing, and hates numbers but adores a math nerd. She is a fierce feminist...but bakes cookies with real butter, and owns a glue gun. She finds little pieces of herself in everyday moments, and tries to teach her three daughters to do the same. She has published articles for Insider.com, Manifest Station, and is working on a memoir. She lives in Connecticut with her family.

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Navigating Sexual Trauma in Psychedelic Spaces

When sexual boundaries are crossed in therapeutic spaces or people with a history of trauma are not well supported there is a real risk of lasting psychological, emotional, energetic and physical harm being caused to both participants and facilitators/healers.